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With a commitment to excellence, I work collaboratively with client stakeholders to navigate the evolving landscape of higher education policies and procedures. My comprehensive and collaborative approach involves meticulous research, careful listening, and attention to detail, ensuring that your Faculty Handbook, foundational governance documents, or institutional policies meet your unique needs, reflect peer best practices, and address federal regulations and accreditation standards.

Faculty Handbook Facilitation Services

Faculty Handbooks

Elevate your institution's Faculty Handbook to new heights with my tailored approach to handbook refinement. I facilitate the update process by leading a team comprised of faculty and academic leadership members to develop a Faculty Handbook that has procedural clarity, incorporates best practices, aligns with accreditation standards, and is consistent with equity-minded principles.

Governance Services


Strengthen your institution's governance foundation with my Governance Services. Such services include activities that clarify governance roles on campus and include: updating foundational governance documents such as the Board Bylaws, Faculty Bylaws, and institutional standing committee charges and memberships; crafting  Shared Governance Statements that formally codify constituent roles and responsibilities; and leading Shared Governance Retreats with trustees, administrative leadership, and faculty.  

Institutional Policy Development Services

Institutional Policies

Promote compliance, reduce institutional risk, and ensure organizational consistency with my tailored, user-friendly policy management system.  A comprehensive policy management system provides a framework for the seamless development, approval, and publication of well researched institutional policies that meet regulatory standards and industry best practices.  Additionally, I am available to develop individual, tailored policies for any operational area of your institution.

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